the Dutch Beer Week

During the Week van het Nederlandse Bier, the Dutch Beer Week, hundreds of beer related activities are organized throughout the Netherlands. As every year the Week starts with the 3-day Dutch Beer Tasting Festival in The Hague (19-20-21 May). 

Dutch Beer Tasting Festival - 19, 20 & 21 May 2020
From Thursday 19 May until Saturday 21 May the 9th edition of Nederlands Bierproeffestival, the Dutch beer tasting festival will take place. During the festival beer lovers enjoy the greatest possible variety of beers in a relaxed atmosphere. The festival takes place in the unique setting of the Grote Kerk (church) in The Hague and is the opening event of the Dutch Beer Week.

40 Dutch breweries present more than 250 beers during the Dutch Beer Tasting Festival. Visitors have the possibility to talk with brew masters about their beers and the brewing process and can sign up for interesting masterclasses given by beer experts to, for example, learn more about the various beer styles. Most importantly, visitors can also enjoy delicious beer and food combinations.

Tickets for the Dutch Beer Tasting Festival can be purchased in the ticketshop.
At the entrance visitors receive a tasting glass and a festival guide. We welcome everybody above the age of 18 years!

Activities throughout The Netherlands – 19 of May till 29 of May 2020
Beer is a popular alcoholic beverage in the Netherlands. More than 900 Dutch breweries produce hundreds of different beers. During this week you can experience the surprising multitude of flavors in Dutch beer, meet with Dutch brewers and discover how he or she brews beer from natural raw material: malt, hops, water and yeast. Not only you can visit breweries, but also restaurants, pubs and liquor stores organize beer tastings and beer menu’s. Check our activity calendar at the home page.

Dutch Brewery Days – 19 of May till 29 of May 2020
breweries open their doors for a behind-the-scenes look for the public. During these days brewers organize brewing demonstrations, beer tastings and presentations about their beers and the great variety of flavors that are brewed throughout the Netherlands. For more information and addresses click here.

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